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4th Quarter - December, 2015

Enjoy a quick break and brush up on valuable (and some amusing) info from your material handling authority.

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Martin Service Technician installing muliple Martin Air Cannons with new Jet Nozzle.

Cleaning up spillage exposes workers to hazardous conditions. By incorporating proper transfer point systems, safety and efficiency is increased.

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Mistletoe is from the Anglo-Saxon word misteltan, which means “little dung twig” because the plant spreads though bird droppings. Talk about romantic, huh?!

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Containment made Simple through Cutting-Edge Transfer Point Design.

Transfer point upgrades increase safety and decrease fugitive material


Coal operations need to only take a broad look at the expense that fugitive material has on a system to realize the full cost that accompanies inefficient transfer point designs. Problems such as improper belt support, poorly sealed chutes, damaged idlers and uneven cargo distribution can all result in spillage and belt mistracking, contributing to increased maintenance and cleanup costs and the potential for injury and compliance issues. These factors raise the cost of operation and lower profit margins.

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3 images: air cannons on a cement tower; new jet nozzle and illustration of retractable nozzle.

Containment is the key to avoiding spillage, dust, and the associated cleanup expenses and hazards.

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Quick Tip


Linear vibration is the best solution to get sticky, coarse, high-moisture materials moving.

Meet Martin

Dave Mueller - Sr. Product Specialist

Dave Mueller
Sr. Product Specialist - Belt Cleaners
29 years with Martin

How you might
interact with Dave:
Dave helps specify belt cleaners, troubleshoots problems with conveyor products (via email, phone, and site visits), and attends trade shows.

Favorite thing about Martin:
The people I work with every day, I enjoy coming to work.

Favorite thing about position/job:
Solving customers’ problems, they are rarely the same and sometimes very challenging.

Something I want
customers to know:
​​That we appreciate their business and enjoy helping solve their problems.


Vibration helps dump trucks safely and efficiently empty material

DC3200 Vibrator under a truck bed helps move sticky material
Manlius Township was finding that truck drivers carrying road salt for melting winter snow and ice were having difficulty getting the entire load to empty out of the truck bed. This not only delayed the drivers in effectively spreading the material to improve road safety, but it also encouraged drivers to engage in potentially unsafe activities, such as climbing into the truck bed to shovel out the remaining material. In some cases, drivers would raise the bed higher than normal, which could make the trucks top-heavy and lead to accidents. Previous attempts to use truck vibrators had been only marginally successful.

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Martin employees got in the Halloween spirit by dressing up!

Holiday Hours

We will operate on "holiday hours" December 25th - January 1st. A limited staff will be in the office from 8:00 - 3:30 CST to assist you. For emergencies, please call: 800-383-0313.
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Expert Advice

Sue Griffith
Installation Supervisor
15 years of industry experience

Why Use MartinPLUS® Installation Services Over a General Contractor?

  • Complete your project in half the time because we are experts at installing our equipment
  • Arrive with a fully-stocked truck and trailer to complete installations of any capacity
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues in the field that a general contractor would not have experience with:
    • how to correct off-center loading
    • how to track a belt
    • troughing a belt
  • Welders are AWS certified
  • 40+ years of experience in our install crew

Safety Training
Each year, our entire Services Department completes 40 hours of safety training. Training includes:

  • Fall Protection
  • Confined Space
  • OSHA Refresher
  • MSHA Refresher Part 48b Surface
  • Respirator Fit Test
  • Adult CPR, AED, & First Aid
  • Certified Rigger Level 2
  • Scaffolding
  • Forklift training

Martin Guarantee
Complete turnkey projects are 100% guaranteed to meet customer satisfaction. If a contractor installs our equipment, only the equipment is guaranteed.

Recent example:
Two of our install technicians completed installation prior to startup so we weren’t able to see the belt run. Upon starting the belt, the customer began experiencing issues with the belt not tracking to his satisfaction. After contacting us, we returned and solved the tracking issue within two hours.

For more information, contact Sue at 800-544-2947 extension 718.


F4 refers to Foundations™ 4 - the 4th edition of Martin's book on improving belt conveyors and controlling fugitive material. We will break up the book into short, easy-to-read articles for your convenience.


Carryback can actually prove more costly and difficult to address than transfer-point spillage.

Carryback can build up on idlers causing issues with mistracking.

Though there are similarities between the two problems, carryback can actually prove more costly and difficult to address than transfer-point spillage or other localized issues with fugitive materials.

The primary issues with carryback is that, because materials can come off the belt at any point, it can affect the entire length of a conveyor belt, whereas most issues of spillage are largely contained to a single point in the system. This will require cleaning crews to work along the full length of the conveyor, and making its removal more extensive and expensive than the localized cleanup of spillage.  

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Solutions Showcase

The Martin® SMART™ Series Jet Nozzle

eliminates the time and cost of cutting holes and breaking refractory to replace worn out nozzles

CleanScrape Belt Cleaner mounted on a head pulley

Prepare Now & Save Later
By installing flanges during a scheduled shutdown, you save time and money. Flanges allow for air cannons to be installed at your convenience.

  • Reduce damage to surrounding refractory
  • Eliminate need to remove air cannon tank
  • Wide area of influence comparable to a standard fan nozzle
  • No entry required into the tower or cooler
  • Prevent improper alignment
Click to see how easily the nozzle is installed.

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