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Smart Solutions for Dust Management

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Martin has always offered you smart solutions in dust management. Now we’ve added a fully automated, customizable surfactant system to cover all the bases. The NEW Martin® Dust Spray System delivers the right solution(s) for you – from water to foam to fog to surfactant spray. Every application is unique and therefore the solution should be unique.

We provide application consulting services to help determine what is causing your dust problems and then work closely with you to correct them. We consider timing, budget, and level of automation before we design, build, and install your system.

We are proactive and continue to evaluate your installed dust system in order to provide improvements for increased efficiency and reduced operating costs. Our Martin service technicians are ready to help, and our maintenance programs are blended seamlessly into your site process.

Trust Martin for all your dust control needs. We are with you every step of the way.

Smart Solutions

Transfer point system with Martin® Products


The primary consideration in dust control should always be the minimization of the amount of airborne dust in the first place. Martin transfer point systems include belt support and belt sealing techniques to keep dust and material on the belt. LEARN MORE!

New Martin® Dust Supression Technology


Martin is proactive when it comes to dust control solutions. Our goal is to actually prevent dust at the source if possible, using the treatment application that best suits your needs. From spray to foam to fog, the NEW Martin® Dust Spray System gives you the most complete solution in dust prevention on the market today. LEARN MORE!

Martin® Air Cleaner on a transfer point system.


Martin offers passive or active air filtration systems. Passive simply allows air to move through a filtration system without the assistance of utilities such as electricity. Active air filtration works more like a vacuum to pull air through a filter to remove airborne particles.

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Product Spec-Dust Control
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Product Spec-Dust Control
22 yrs experience

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Product Spec-Dust Control
30 yrs experience

Brian Nance
Product Develop. Engineer
5 yrs experience